shared with me by a friend many years ago.

If Love Is Like The Rain

If love is like the rain, why does that tragic woman
in her violet raincoat teeter-totter under it
as if she's being slapped
by the flat of someone's hand?
If love is like the rain, I won't come in
under an awning; let me be all wet,
slide my dark ribbons down the drain.
And Noah---wasn't that just like a man?
to build an ark and drive the others to it two by two
till all are safe, where there is peace
but never any love,
if love is like the rain, I want to be
washed away by a great weight,
to hear it's quiet
hissing in the eaves;
roll to the ocean,
rise as a cloud
and gallop back down to earth again,
if love is like the rain.

-Liz Rosenberg